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New X

Tuesday 4:00pm

Friday 4:00pm

Младшая X

Tuesday 5:00pm

Friday 5:00pm

Средняя X

Tuesday 6:00pm

Friday 6:00pm

Старшая X

Tuesday 7:00pm

Friday 7:00pm

Baby Bath

Wednesday 4:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm

Средняя Bath

Wednesday 5:00pm

Saturday 3:00pm

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The dance known as the foxtrot was invented by Harry Fox in 1914.

Average dancer

The average dancer does 200 one leg landing jumps per class – These jumps can produce a force equivalent to 12 times the dancers body weight.

Bare feet

Dancing in bare feet enables the dancer to connect directly with the floor. Some modern dancers put tape on their toes and the balls of their feet to make it easier to turn and slide.